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Claims Form

The City of Westmount’s Legal Services and City Clerk’s Office manage all claims filed against the City of Westmount. An individual who claims to have suffered damages for which the City is liable may file a claim in order to receive compensation for the damages incurred.

IMPORTANT: A notice given by phone or verbally does not constitute an adequate notice as per the Cities and Towns Act. A claim must be notified in writing to the City Clerk.

It is suggested that the claimant notify his or her personal insurance company, if any, of any damage or injury, suffered.

In order for the municipality to be required to indemnify the claimant, there must be a fault on the part of the City, as well as a causal link between the fault and the damage or injuries suffered.

Before submitting your claim requestconsult the details pertaining to different claim situations, how claims are processed, other available recourse and exoneration situations. 

Applicant information

Details relating to the request

Damages sustained
I, undersigned, authorize the City of Westmount to access my medical files for the purpose of the present claim.
Police report
Public Security Unit report
Estimate provided
You can upload your file at the end of the form.
Photo(s) provided
You can upload your file(s) at the end of the form.

Information on personal insurance

Personal insurer informed of the accident?

Insurer contact information


Information on vehicle

Vehicle involved in accident?
Accident report provided
You can upload your file at the end of the form.

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