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Hydro Westmount

Pre-authorized payment plan

Fill and submit the form below to authorize Hydro Westmount to debit your bank account automatically according to pre-arranged terms. Before completing the form, make sure you have the following on hand: your Hydro Westmount account number and your bank account information.

Please note that you may revoke this authorization at any time, given two (2) weeks’ notice, by sending a written notice by email to 

Contract holder information

This 7-digit number can be found at the top of your Hydro Westmount bill.
This 6-digit number can be found at the top of your Hydro Westmount bill.

Address of the service contract

Payment information

Equalize Payment Plan (EPP)
The EPP allows you to pay your estimated consumption in 12 equal monthly payments (adjusted annually according to actual trends).
Payment date
Please choose from the options below the date of the month on which the equal payments will be made.

The withdrawal will be made according to the due date indicated on the invoice. Depending on your financial institution's processing time, the withdrawal may be made between two (2) days BEFORE and four (4) days AFTER the due date indicated on your bill. Please ensure that funds are available in your account during this period.

Banking information

Branch address

Please enter your cheque information in the corresponding fields.

5 digits
3 digits

Name of cheque holder and signatory